Clothing options

The portrait experience is influenced by several factors including:  location, lighting, weather and clothing. The location we use for our beach photography is second to none.  All portraits are done during what we call the “Golden moment”- approximately one hour before sunset.  An average of 335 days of sunshine in Orange county makes for a winning combination.  Years of experience have helped us to be able to use specific locations in Laguna Beach depending on tides, seasons, days of the week, and the  time of day.  We also have found certain colors and styles of clothing are well suited for environmental beach portraits.  Wearing colors that are already on location such as: Blue, white, khaki and black lend themselves well.  Tying your family or group together with these colors in various ways strengthens your image.  Men should avoid shorts and women should avoid short skirts.  Solid colors work the best- stripes, and patterns tend to distract.  Take a look at some of the images below to help get ideas for your own portrait.